“Thank you so much for creating Women of Wisdom! I am enjoying reading about women in my generation who continue to make a difference and live a fulfilled life. I look forward to many years of great reading. And maybe one day I will be able to submit a piece for WOW!”

Mary Martin-Klein

“Women of Wisdom Magazine is filled with relevant and interesting content, and it’s an excellent vehicle for women writers to showcase their expertise and talent. Thank you for sharing your valuable space with our amazing authors and experts!” 

Leslie Barrett, PR by the Book

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A Mid Age Honeymoon Must-Haves For Memorable Trip

A Mid Age Honeymoon Must-Haves For Memorable Trip

Whether you have just got married or you just want to go on a honeymoon trip with your partner again, the joy and excitement are no less. Stepping out of your home and leaving behind your daily humdrum of life helps you to reconnect with your significant other. Taking...

A Bittersweet Parting

A Bittersweet Parting

A “Short Story” By D. R. Hamilton One spring I was called back to Edinburgh for training and the date happened to coincide with my manager’s birthday. Naturally we planned a celebration, but what thrilled me more was that I would meet Mac’s three grown children- a...

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Meet Laurie Sewell, President and CEO of Servicon, a leading EVS provider in Los Angeles and Southern California

This is her interview

COVID changed the world and propelled EVS workers into the forefront of healthcare and business. They have been publicly recognized as essential, front-line workers, heroes fighting COVID so that doctors and nurses can do their jobs effectively under enormous pressure. Sewell is on a mission to emphasize the importance of EVS workers in maintaining the health of the nation after a particularly difficult year.

Laurie is also steering Servicon away from conventional concepts of EVS services to new concepts of clean that are driving wellness, sustainability, new analytics, and employee engagement with innovative technologies and training concepts.

Read her interview today.


A Message From Our Editor

Welcome to Women of Wisdom® Magazine!  My team and I are delighted you have found us and look forward to sharing news, tips, advice and resources for Women of a certain age. Women of Wisdom® was started by Priscilla Marotta, PhD author of “Power of Wisdom, The New Path for Women” of which I was featured (in chapter 6) in the late ’90’s and she had a vision to create a group of women who could help raise women up in society, both personally and professionally. She turned over the reigns of Women of Wisdom® in 2005 and I am delighted to share her vision with the world. My mission is to provide a quality online magazine focusing on women over 40, whether you are a high level executive, a small business owner, or a woman looking to make a change in your career our goal is to help you find and share resources to help one another succeed.

We are looking for women who focus on this audience to write for us! If you are interested in submitting content, or being part of our charter editorial team, contact me via our contact page!

My team and I would love to have you join us.

Wishing you the best in the second half!

Heidi Richards Mooney, Publisher & Editor-in-Chief


Heidi Richards Mooney

Publisher & Editor in Chief

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