The nose is an easily identifiable feature of your face. However, when small or too wide, or crooked, it may affect your look, thus stealing attention from other facial features. 

Getting a rhinoplasty or nose job would help you change its structure to restore balance to your face. However, before deciding to get a nose job, you must consider certain things. 

Let’s find out what these are.

  • How will it affect your final look

Before getting a nose job, you need to first consult with a surgeon. Getting into a consultation with a doctor would give you an idea of what your nose might look like and other things that you can also know. Additionally, it would make your surgeon’s job easier. 

You might like the nose of your favorite celebrity, but it might not be feasible for you to get the perfect nose since your bone structure and that of your star might be different. Doing the same might not be possible, and even the “celebrity’s nose” might not suit your face. 

Moreover, experts of rhinoplasty at Austin Face & Body clinic suggest patients have realistic expectations with clear and defined goals. So during your consultation with your surgeon, you will then discuss your aesthetic choice and how your surgeon can achieve your desired outcome.

  • Find out the experience of the surgeon 

Before getting a nose job, you must research the surgeon’s experience, results, and even certification. Information you should request should include the number of years practicing, the number of patients, and the availability of the proper certificates. 

So, when choosing a surgeon, choose a reputed one to get your nose job operation and surgery. A nose job, like other face surgery, needs expertise. Since the doctor will cut open and reconfigure your face, you have to get an excellent doctor proficient in his craft. 

Unfortunately, even with countless reviews, you can’t use a surgeon specialized in another part of the body for your nose job. Thus, when searching, look for one specializing in facial surgery which has the proper licenses and qualifications.

  • Nose job results take time 

Nose job results are not noticeable immediately. After a nose job, bruises and swelling will start reducing after about one week, while most of it might be gone in about six weeks. 

However, for all swellings to be gone, it might take about a year or longer, depending on the person. So, it would be best if you had patience.

  • Make considerations for revisions or other procedures 

Sometimes after a successful nose job, you might require revision surgery. The surgery might not go as planned; a minor flaw may still be visible in some cases. In such cases, you will need a revision to correct the flaws that appear. 

Additionally, some facial features might go out of proportion when performing a nose job. Most times, this occurs in the cabin. So, in such cases, your doctor might recommend chin augmentation to help balance the proportions. 

That’s A Wrap 

A nose job is usually about improving your existing appearance and correcting a defect. Therefore, you should know that you can’t expect to have someone else’s nose or expect a perfect nose. So, it’s best to always consult your doctor properly before getting it done. 


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