5 Best US Cities For Single Women Over 40

Being single has many perks, especially in a big city. But we all get lonely from time to time, and we feel the need for a partner to make the weekdays more vivid and the weekends more fun. It’s especially true when you’re in your 40s, and most of your friends have partners, are married, or busy with their family or work.

If you know this feeling, you’ve already realized that dating in the 40+ league is starkly different from the 20s ball game. Now, you won’t suffice with love and affection; you also need someone you can count on, have the same goals, and want the same things in life. If you feel like the city you currently live in doesn’t hold any potential for you, maybe it’s time to move to a new place to look for Mr. Perfect. 

To find the right man and take a dive into the dating scene, all you need is the ideal place. We’ve put together a list for you with all the cities that you can move to and tap into the dating pool.

  1. Tampa

Sunshine, beaches, warm weather; what else would you want from a hotspot for singles? Florida’s sunny city boasts of the most unmarried people in their 40s in the US. Thanks to the nice weather, dating here never stops. Plus, with all the live Latin music and dancing, great food and drinks, outdoor parties, it’s easy to find the guy you’ve always been looking for. 

  1. Seattle

Washington’s capital offers many activities for people over their 40s, especially if they aren’t shy about dating. Boat rides, beautiful galleries, great seafood, paired with a hub full of unmarried or divorced men in the 40s and 50s, all make Seattle your perfect destination. If you’re a foodie, you’ll have an easy time finding the right partner, as match.com named Seattle the nr. 2 place on their list focusing on single foodie men. 

  1. San Francisco

Here’s another city full of sunshine and single men. If you move here, you’ll fall in love with this sunny city in California, mostly because people tend to get married late in their lives. So, there’s a lot of potential for a woman like you, looking for Mr. Right in his 40s or 50s. If you love to hike, explore nature, and bike, you have to pick San Francisco, as it’s close proximity to the wonders of nature make it easy to turn a date into a great trip. 

  1. Boston

With many excellent colleges and universities in the area, Boston would be great for you if you’re looking for a brainy guy. Plus, there are a lot of things you can do here on a date: film screenings, restaurants with great foods, cultural events, or sightseeing. If you move here, you need to give the 2,5 mile Freedom Trail or Charles River Esplanade a try. All of them are unique romantic destinations. 

  1. Atlanta

You’ve probably heard about Hotlanta before. Well, Georgia’s capital combines a sexy and energetic nightlife with a perfect dating scene for people over 40. Atlanta has many users in their 40s active on howaboutwe.com, a popular dating site. The city’s population is growing exponentially, meaning that there are and will be plenty of men to choose from.


Regardless of which city you pick, it’s all about enjoying the moment and having fun. Life doesn’t stop at 40; it only gets more exciting. If you’ve decided where to move to, you need a moving company, such as Empire Movers, to help you relocate. Once you arrive, you’ll have all your possessions ready to dive into the dating scene and find Mr. Right.

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Arnold Katz is the Marketing Coordinator at Empire Movers is a fully licensed and insured moving company based in New York City. He was contributed with dozens of guest posts to various websites and blogs in many different areas, such as startups and entrepreneurship ( https://careermetis.com/us-states-move-launch-your-startup/ ) mothership and family (https://lifewithheidi.com/a-moms-moving-guide-7-tips-for-a-smooth-relocation-with-a-large-family/), health tourism ( https://www.healthcareguys.com/2020/12/13/top-4-medical-tourism-destinations-in-the-world/), travel ( https://offmetro.com/world/29661/4-best-places-to-visit-in-the-winter-in-the-us/) and also marketing ( https://churchofcustomer.com/4-pillars-of-a-moving-companys-marketing-strategy/ 

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