“To be able to purchase a house is like being able to complete the most crucial milestone of your life.” 

Don’t you agree with the above statement? You work hard all day, sacrifice your nights and give all of you to purchase your own property. It has been your dream since you entered the adulthood phase of your life. And, now, you were finally able to achieve it. 

So, what are your next plans? Don’t tell me you are going to start living at the place without changing its interiors. It’s your house; you have to add your touch in here. It’s an unwritten rule of owning a property. 

Although, if I consider the time you have spent to complete all the formalities of purchase, it’s acceptable that the thought of designing your place skipped your mind. In fact, considering the same, I have collected a few ideas for you to help you design your living room. 

Don’t worry! It won’t be something in which you have to spend days creating crafts for your place. I understand that you need to work hard to achieve the rest of your dreams. That’s why I selected easy yet chic living room concepts for you. 

So, without further ado, let’s get started! 

Cover the floor with a rug

The first thing you need to do is to make the floor of your room look classic. You can do that by using carpets/Rugs. You can cover the whole room with rugs, or you can simply add rugs to the center of the area (where you’ll have your coffee table.) It will help in minimizing the room echo along with reducing the risk of floor injuries. Added benefit? It’s easy to keep the floor clean. 

The center is for your coffee table. 

The next thing is setting up the coffee table. There are numerous types of sofas/center tables available in the market. Either you can select one among them for your living room, or you can go with the classic centerpiece sofas. Go for pastel colors, throw in some pillows, and the flower in the center of the table. That’s all!

Don’t forget the corner. 

Don’t make the mistake that most people make while designing their interiors, i.e., leaving the corners as they are. Instead, you should decorate the corner to enhance the appearance of the room. You can get an umbrella stand, corner fireplace, corner shelves, or merely a hanging planter. It is a good use of space and will help in making your place look more captivating. 

Decorate the walls (mirrors and ancient art)

Floors? Done

Corners? Done

Center space? Done 

Now the only thing left to do is the wall decoration. You can add your family pictures, get ancient arts or mirrors of different shapes and sizes to make your wall come to life. Ask the artist inside of you what she/he wants and get it for your walls. Believe me, your guests will fall in love with your choice. 

Wrapping up!

It’s your own home which you bought after lots of struggle. So, you should make efforts to make it look attractive. All the above-written tips are fantastic techniques to add class and charm to your place. 

So, stop reading and start with the work! 


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