Celebrity Esthetician Elina Fedotova, founder of Elina Organics & Spas (located in Michigan and Florida). discusses sunscreen and what sunscreen really means versus “sunblock” along with tips to protect your skin.

As people are enjoying their beach vacation they should go outside earlier in the morning or after 4 pm versus at 1030am because the UV radiation is less damaging in those hours, Elina advises. “If you are planning to be on the beach in the sun, do not use products that contain alpha-hydroxy acids, retinol, or any other mechanical exfoliants,” she continues. “This can make you more photosensitive and create more sun damage. You can use all of the products again after your beach vacation.”

Here are Elina’s top sunscreen and skin protection tips this summer:

  • Ingredients Matter: Use a sunscreen with mechanical protection based on zinc oxide because they reflect UV rays and do not penetrate into the skin. They are also safe for marine creatures and coral reefs and healthier for our bodies versus chemical sunscreens.
  • Hydrate: If you are traveling to places with a dry climate your skin could feel very dry, and it is important to use hydrating products instead of oils vs. heavy butters. “Remember when you are thirsty you do not drink oil you drink water,” she says.
  • Best Ingredients for Hydration: Ingredients like hyaluronic acid and tremella mushroom are best for hydration. “The difference between hydrating ingredients and emollience is the same as water versus oil,” Elina adds.
  • Skin Type & Environment: If in a tropical, humid and warm place like Florida, people with oily/acne prone skin do not have to even use moisturizers because many of them contain oils and Elina suggests only using treatment oil controlling serums and zinc oxide-based sunscreen. “Zinc oxide not only provides protection from solar radiation but also has antibacterial and skin calming effect which is beneficial for problem complexion,” she says.
  • Dry Skin? For those who have skin that feels very dry no matter what they use Elina suggests that they carry in their purse a natural skin mist that contains botanical extracts, hyaluronic acid, or tremella mushroom extract. “You can mist your skin over the day to make your skin look glowy and hydrated,” she advises.
  • Skin Recovery: Treat your skin with masks that directly come from plants, fruits, and veggies. “You can avoid the unnecessary additives but crushing Aloe Vera leaf and massage the pure fresh gel to calm and hydrate your skin after sun exposure,” Elina describes. “You can also use cactus in the same way you use Aloe Vera gel.” If your skin feels too red and hot after playing in the sun, you can also calm your skin with a slice of pear or you can make a mask from organic Kiefer or yogurt. After a few days of sun exposure, you may see extra freckles or pigment spots, you can take a slice of eggplant and use it as an eraser over the spot to erase the pigmentation.


About: Elina Fedotova is the Founder and Chief Formulator for Elina Organics, which since 1998, has offered award-winning, sophisticated, organic formulations that naturally deliver clinical results. Elina is also an award-Winning Cosmetic Chemist, Master and Celebrity Licensed Esthetician, and the President of the Association of Holistic Skin Care Practitioners, founded in 2007. She hand makes her professional skincare line in her laboratory, based in Michigan, in small batch production using holistic principles and organic ingredients from around the world. The Elina Organics product line is available online at www.ElinaOrganics.com, in skincare salons and medical offices. She continues to offer her unique, holistic skincare treatments to clients who come to her spas in Florida and West Michigan.

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