When I die, do not mourn, do not cry, do not scream. Instead, plant a flower over my grave, so when the seeds blossom, you can pick me, hold me and feel me again.”

This statement clearly depicts the situation of a dying person who doesn’t want to see his/her loved ones in agony after death. 

Plus, when you are in the final moments or in the late senior age, you already know that death will eventually catch up. You lived a full and happy life; it’s time to take some load off your family member’s shoulders by preparing for the death in advance. But how? Obviously, it’s not something that has been taught or something that one does every day. 

Thankfully, here’s the checklist that can be followed and used in saving the family and friends from all the trouble after you are gone. That’s the least that can be done because after you are gone, you wouldn’t want them to suffer the trouble of unexpectedly picking up the pieces. Instead, help them by arranging those pieces to eliminate all the last-minute confusion and trouble.

So, without wasting any more of the little time, we all have, here are some things that should be done so that your grieving family knows what to do after the heartbreaking demise. 

  • Plan the funeral

Planning a funeral is something that the family members struggle with the most. Sometimes, they don’t even know what to do, how to do it, or how the departed soul would have liked it. This is probably because nobody wants to talk about their death or funeral to their family members. But if you want to save them from all the trouble, you can precisely tell them how you would like the funeral to be planned. 

For example, the famous actor’s death was a tragic event for the entire world and the Hollywood industry. He used to tell his friends that his funeral should be planned at the beach, where he enjoys spending time with his peers. And to everyone’s surprise, the stars were snapped enjoying the beach water and remembering the departed soul at the same time. Isn’t that really amazing? He got what he always wanted, even after his death. Don’t you want the same for yourself?

Yes, you can do that. Talk about the funeral to your loved ones and give them a list of instructions on what to do after the demise. Talk about the food, the setting, or the flowers you would love at the funeral. You can also go creative with it by planning a few games or memorial tables where the loved ones can share a happy or crazy memory with you. For example, you can pick your favorite wine as the served drink for the guest at the funeral. They’ll definitely have a crazy or funny story during the toast. This is because the wine will make them remember those parties and drinking games they used to play with you.

So, before you depart from this world, make sure you have listed everything that you would love at the funeral. This will save them from making those last-minute decisions about what you would have liked.

  • Prepare a Will

Today, every lawyer advises its clients that they should keep their documents, passwords, and other important stuff in one place. This is because what if you don’t make it through an emergency situation? Basically, what if you face an untimely or an unexpected demise? The family members would have so much to take care of, and the last thing they would want is to get caught up in the legal procedures of finding the necessary documents and everything else. 

And that’s where preparing a Will in advance can help your family members. You can easily create personalized testament or documents. This legal document will help lay some crucial points, such as who will act on your behalf after the demise. Or who will inherit the property and everything else? It will also help in making some responsible decisions about the wealth exactly the way YOU want it. This will also help in keeping the earned wealth and possessions from being misused. Also, you’ll be able to secure digital or physical assets. This will definitely give the satisfaction that the wealth is in good hands because he/she was the chosen one.

And don’t worry! You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to prepare the Will. You can always search for a blank will and customize it the way you want it. Basically, it’s a sample Will that will enable you to copy the format for your own. This will help you not leave anything out and make sure that it is prepared with legal guidelines. You can also use some computer programs that will help you create your testament. 

  • Establish a Charity in your name

Now, some people fear eternal oblivion. They don’t want to be forgotten when they’re gone, so they do various things to help people remember about them when they’re gone. Some plant trees, while others donate their property and estate to the charity. But establishing a charity that runs in your name is the best way to combat oblivion. Establishing and raising money for the charity will help your friends, family, and others remember your good deeds. But you need to make sure that it is funded and is in good hands even after your demise. This will help in the continuation of social work and public service when you are gone. 

Final Words!

Death is the ultimate truth. One can’t postpone it. One can’t ignore it. And one can’t escape it. The least you can do is to play your part and fulfill all the responsibilities before the demise. The points mentioned above will help take the burden off from the shoulders of your family members/ friends and provide you with the satisfaction that things will be carried out just the way YOU wanted it and would have liked.

So, there is nothing “morbid” about talking about death. It’s just another chore that needs to be done before you are gone.

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