Hosted by the Women’s Information Network (WIN) and Global Prosperity and Peace Initiative

Women from around the globe will join together as our events are live-streamed to hundreds of other women’s events in 195 nations.

We will celebrate women’s progress and, more importantly, we hope to inspire and motivate women in many nations to join together as we discover and help implement solutions to the world’s most critical problems. We will continue interacting with participants after the event on our online platforms.

We believe that when great numbers of women, of all nations, lift up their voices in the cause of peace, there will develop an even greater worldwide will for peace. Women everywhere, motivated by their great desires for a better world, can make significant improvements in homes, communities, and nations as they participate in a global community and movement of like-minded women. 

Join the Women’s Information Network for the LIVE stream March 6-8 via  InternationalWomensDay.ORG,
YouTube, or Facebook Live.

RSVP to the weekend and Workshop HERE


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