If you are looking for a job that is something out of the ordinary or probably something that people around you have never heard of, this blog post is for you. If you want a career in a discipline that is as unique as your personality, you should read this piece till the end. 

Students and young aspiring professionals from various walks of life have been looking for unique and path-breaking careers and some of them have been successful in finding their calling. You can do that too. Let’s discuss a few sophisticated as well as very practical and fun field jobs that you haven’t discovered yet. These career options might give you the financial and creative fulfillment that you have been looking for so long:

  1. Become A Medical And Health Services Manager

Considering the given situation that the world is going through, everybody could use a few more medical and Health services managers. The median salary of these professionals is a whopping $100,980 a year. The expected growth rate in this industry is more than 32%. You could do pretty well in this job provided that you have the necessary skills and education. If you are interested in making a career in the healthcare sector, this job is for you. 

The best part is that you do not have to be a doctor or a surgeon to manage healthcare businesses and run them efficiently. You will be known as a healthcare executive or administrator because you will be working in a top administrative position, handling many critical responsibilities. You would be better off with a degree in health administration and/or management along with business administration and similar disciplines. You will be responsible for working with other teams and their departmental heads to prepare budgets and oversee staff decisions that help run the hospital or the medical facility efficiently.

  1. Information Security Analysts Are Cool

This is another very sophisticated career path that you might have not thought of before. These professionals earn close to $99,000 per year and the growth rate that is expected in this industry is more than 31%. You might come across several unfamiliar titles while working in this sector because it is relatively new. The latest in this industry is information security analysis and the related jobs are not just lucrative but fulfilling as well. 

You will have to acquire a bachelor’s degree in computer science or any similar field that is more relevant to this sector. You will also have to acquire a master’s degree in a relevant discipline that allows you to become a security analyst of higher stature. As a professional, you will be required to demonstrate your expertise and can even earn voluntary certification in information systems and security.

  1. Solar Panel Installers Are In Demand  

Why does everyone talk about solar panel installation so much? This is because according to several studies, this industry is slated to show positive growth of more than 51% in the coming years. The same applies to the number of hirings that they are going to do in the coming days. This kind of job is ideal for anyone who is looking for a career in field services and similar sectors. 

If you are adept at working with your hands and a few tools, this job is going to be perfect for you. You might also need a few more skills including attention to detail and stability, balance, and no fear of heights. The starting pay of solar photovoltaic installers and similar professionals is somewhere around $45,000 per year.

  1. Security Personnel Are Getting Huge  

Google how to become a security guard and you will stumble upon so much information that it is going to give you a completely different career direction. Do you know that the annual salary of a reputable security guard and surveillance officer is close to $30,000? It can go up to $50,000 depending upon their job role and seriousness of the task. 

The projected growth in this sector is close to 6% which is going to continue till the end of 2026. The average amount per hour that these professionals make ranges between $12 and $15 quite easily. Security guards and officers are responsible for enforcing the predetermined rules on any property to ensure that no criminal activity takes place. They are also equipped to monitor all the alarms and surveillance cameras including various security measures that are put on the property. The career options that you will be looking at in the field of security and surveillance include but are not limited to the following:

  •         Security Officers 
  •         Private Watchmen 
  •         Government Surveillance Officers 
  •         Casino Security Officers 
  •         Investigators 
  •         Bouncers 
  •         Private Bodyguards 
  •         Bank Guards 
  •         Armed Security Officers 
  •         Gambling Monitoring Officers 
  •         Flight Security Specialists


  1. At-Home Personal Care Professionals

This job is a hybrid between a sophisticated medical job and a field job. It has the best of both worlds because it lets you take care of patients at home as well as in a myriad of settings. This is also one of the most meaningful career paths that you can choose in the present time and age. The starting pay of any home health and personal care professional can be a little more than $25,000 per year. You will be administering basic medication for several types of patients in addition to performing various tests and checkups on them regularly. You can become a certified home health physician and can specialize in various fields as you progress in this industry. 

  1. Petroleum Engineers Are Popular

Do you know that the median salary of a petroleum engineer is more than $130,000 per year? This figure alone should be enough for you to consider this as a career option. While there is a steep gain in the renewable energy sector, the petroleum sector continues to lead the market with a respectable 4% growth in the coming years. Because there is a severe scarcity of petroleum engineers, you could be the right fit if you have the necessary skill set.

Final Thoughts

Your interests and preferences will eventually decide where your life takes you. Choose a career path that pleases your heart and challenges your mind. No matter what job or business you choose to do, it should be fulfilling not just financially but creatively as well.

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