Veterinarian Shares Important Do’s & Don’ts for Pet Food Cooking and Provides Insight into the 2019 Trend of Holistic Animal Wellness

"feeding your pet"Pet food cookbooks are one of the most commonly searched gift items among animal lovers this holiday season. The new year is a time when people focus on bettering their health and this year our furry friends are no exception! Today, the idea of holistic health and wellness has fully emerged into main stream culture and it is now making its way to the animal sector.

According to holistic veterinarian, Dr. Judy Morgan, if you are going to prepare food for your pets, there are important things you must know.

Dr. Morgan is shedding light on holistic pet health and is sharing tips and interesting information on pet food cooking that is useful for any pet owner.

“​​​​Home cooking for your dog may sound extravagant, but the key to good health is proper nutrition and the truth is processed foods are just as bad for pets as they are for humans…”

…says Dr. Judy Morgan, who operates two veterinary hospitals in New Jersey that offer an integrative approach to pet care combining holistic medicine with traditional western techniques.

Since the advent of processed food for pets, the pandemic of degenerative health problems has escalated in dogs and cats. People have depended on canned food to provide wholesome nutrition to keep their pets healthy. Pet food labels often include words like holistic, natural, and human grade; but in reality, ingredients are often waste products.

While many pet owners like the idea of feeding their dogs a natural, whole foods diet, the logistics and cost of doing so can be overwhelming. According to Dr. Morgan, cooking for your pet and/or keeping them naturally healthy doesn’t have to be costly or time consuming.

“What your pet eats not only impacts their health, but it can also affect everything from their mood, sleeping habits, energy levels, and even their personality…”

…says Dr. Morgan, who has a passion for healing her patients with whole foods. Dr. Morgan is detailing the importance of pet nutrition, and showing how to use food therapy to keep your dog naturally healthy.

Dr. Judy Morgan is a nationally renowned author, speaker, and holistic veterinarian best known for healing her patients with whole foods, minimizing medications and chemicals, allowing the body to heal from within. Dr. Morgan has received critical acclaim in the veterinary industry for integrating Eastern and Western medicine in her two award-winning veterinary practices. She is the author of three books on holistic pet care including the recently released title Yin & Yang Nutrition for Dogs, a holistic cookbook for pets.  An active speaker and blogger, Morgan’s social sites reach millions of pet owners worldwide. For More Information Visit:

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