Pop quiz: how many hours do you have in a day? The answer is 24, just like everyone else on the planet. The difference between you and others that seem to achieve more is that they are more efficient with their time. In today’s world, there’s a good chance that means that they utilize technology, both in their home and personal life, that speeds things up without forcing them to sacrifice quality. 

Women of Wisdom shares some insight into apps and other tech that make life easier for women in business. 

Apps To The Rescue

There are many applications you can download on your computer or mobile device today that will help you save time in the office. These include workflow management, communication apps, and payroll processing. Another app to consider is a mobile scanning program. This is especially important if you deal with paper documents often but can’t always be in the office. In fact, mobile scanning will not only save you valuable minutes each day but also keep your papers digitally in place.

If you travel often, you also want to have plenty of programs handy that help you book, plan, and achieve your travel goals. One that comes to mind and is also recommended by Computerworld is MileIQ. MileIQ is great if you must rent a car and expense it for reimbursement. You can use the information captured in the app to also deduct mileage at tax time, and you can log up to 40 trips each month for free.

When you work from your phone the majority of the time, look for an Android or iOS app that can remind you to do certain tasks under different circumstances. IFTTT (If This happens Then perform That) programs you use can keep you from having to turn around if you remember something later on. For example, grabbing an umbrella when the weather isn’t expected to play nice in the next 24 hours.

Also, customers and business owners alike can benefit from a financial API bank account balance program that protects against overdraft and NSF fees. That will also allow you to verify account balances and enable pre-funding of accounts.

Finally, don’t forget to utilize the applications already downloaded to your computers and mobile devices by default. Your calendar is a perfect example. As long as you have a smartphone, you have access to a calendar that can help you keep up with meetings and personal events, such as your daughter’s dance recital or your son’s baseball game. Knowing what you have going on at any given time means you can plan better the workday and beyond.

Gadgets That Give

Sometimes, apps connected to gadgets can save us time as well. A few examples here are your kitchen appliances, home security system, and even apps and services that allow packages to be delivered inside of your home.

In the kitchen, you might consider investing in an air fryer that connects to your phone. The Cosori VeSync Pro is one example that sends notifications directly to your pocket when your food is done. You can also download online recipes so you aren’t scrolling through Google to figure out what’s for dinner. A smart refrigerator is another great kitchen appliance that allows you to look into your fridge to see if you do or do not need to make stops on the way home.

On the home security front, your cameras, both indoors and out, can help you quickly confirm that you shut the front door or completed other important security tasks that might otherwise have you running back to the house. Online retail giant Amazon even makes your life easier by offering its Amazon Key in-home delivery service. This smart lock program allows your driver to discreetly access the interior of your home (through the door or garage) to leave packages so you aren’t scrambling back home to shoo the Porch Pirates away.

As you can see, there’s no reason to fear technology. There are plenty of applications and gadgets that can enhance our lives and free up our valuable hours. The above are just examples but don’t be afraid to visit the Play Store and download apps that work for you, your business, and your lifestyle.

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