Just like humans, pets have their basic needs. There are certain things they require to be happy and comfortable. And only when your pet is happy, comfortable, and healthy can you get the best out of them.

Whether you own a cat, dog, or any other small animal, here are valuable tips for keeping your pet comfy and happy all year round.

1. Keep their shelter always clean and at the right temperature

Again, just like humans, pets also respond to the nature of their environment, either positively or negatively. It’s best never to leave your pet outdoors. But even when you create a shelter for them inside, it should be clean, not moist or hot, especially during the summer. There should be enough ventilation and enough water nearby for them to quench their thirst.

2. Take them out for frequent walks

Although your pet should be kept indoors for the greater part of the day, they can get bored easily. Pets, especially dogs, require mental and environmental stimulation to remain mentally active. Take your dog out for walks as nothing makes them happier. On rainy and snowy days, it’s advisable to go prepared. Get your pet some stylish raincoats to keep them protected from the rain and snow in case the weather turns on you at any time. Your dog will not only feel comfortable and warm but will also look fashionable.

3. Bathe your pet

Both dogs and cats require occasional baths to keep their coats clean and unmatted. Do not forget to bathe your dog in the summer to keep its fur soft, silky, and comfy. Also, make sure you blow-dry immediately after the bath.

Also, remember that their coats help them bear extreme temperatures, so be careful when shaving or trimming. You may want to consult with a professional groomer.

4. Brush their fur

Cats and dogs usually go through annual cycles of shedding. It is typically regulated by the change in seasons and fluctuating hormones. In spring, when the days are longer, the sun shines and stimulates fur growth hormonally. As new fur grows, older one sheds naturally.

It’s therefore recommended you brush your pet’s fur seasonally. A clean, dead hair-free coat will feel cooler and more comfortable for your pet.

However, be careful when brushing. Pets with shorter fur will require less vigorous brushing than thicker-furred ones.

5. Feed them appropriately as recommended

There are recommended diets for pups, middle-aged dogs, and older dogs. For instance, pups should eat more than dogs in their golden years. The menu will also vary. Cats also have food appropriate for certain ages.

Just as you’re happy when you get the kind of dish you need, so does your pet. To make your pet happy, healthy, and comfortable all year round, you have to feed it with the required foods as recommended.

6. Get pet toys

Pets, no matter how old, are just like babies. But more than just for fun, toys serve to keep your pet busy and excited, especially while you’re attending to a task or out of the house. A bored pet is never a happy one.


Of course, you want to have fun-filled moments with your little furry friend. Make your little buddy happy, and you’d be proud of how amazing they are

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