The number of planes roaring overhead of our house increases weekly, it seems. More people are traveling, tired of being cooped up for a year in their home and neighborhood. My friends planned a trip to France this fall, and I may travel to Arizona later this year.

When I travel, keeping up with my workouts is challenging. Even on vacation, I feel the need to work out. It’s one part of my routine I don’t want to give up no matter where I am.

Is it Medical Or Wellness Tourism?

I’m not alone. The travel and wellness industries have strong ties. Wellness is one of the best reasons for a vacation or a getaway.

These industries created ways to keep in shape and enjoy a vacation. It’s called wellness tourism. It’s not medical tourism, although the two often get mixed.

Medical tourism involves travel to get medical care for an illness or medical problem, usually to save money or access care not available in your home country. The wellness tourist isn’t ill but wishes to improve their mental and physical health.

The options are dizzying for the traveler seeking just wellness or continuing their healthy routine during a vacation. Austria offers alpine wellness hotels. You will find yoga retreats in Colorado Rockies.

Traveling farther east in the world lands you at India’s Ayurveda retreats and in Egypt’s sandbaths. Heading to the south end of the globe finds you at Mexican beach resort spas and Costa Rican rainforest spa retreats. In Australia, surfing and yoga get together.

Europe for the wellness traveler

The Pine Cliffs Resort in Algarve, Portugal, is one of the best for the vacationer looking to stay fit. They offer well-being retreats for the yoga enthusiast and fitness buffs, and those looking for serenity. Are you not looking for a full retreat? You can try out individual spa treatments and indulge in water sports, golf, and tennis.

Do you prefer a view from a mountain top? The Cinderella wellness hotel in Obertauern lets you gaze at the gorgeous Austrian Alps while you soak in the spa. Outdoor activities include skiing, snowshoeing, and ice climbing.

Eastern Delights

Going southeast from Europe brings us to even hotter climates and new ways to experience wellness. The choices to increase your well-being at Ananda in the Himalayas are numerous. Not only do they offer twelve programs, but a varying number of days for each.

The programs, based on ancient Ayurveda principles, include such options as holistic and yoga detox. There’s stress management, active- fitness, and weight management. Another three programs emphasize rejuvenation and renewal.

Do you want to relax like Cleopatra? A visit to Siwa Oasis is just the ticket. The sandbaths and hot springs bring a feeling of rejuvenation and relaxation.

The North and South America Treatments

Staying in North America and combining mountain vistas and wellness is a snap. Colorado has no shortage of highly recommended wellness retreats and hiking in the summer and skiing in the winter. There’s The Peaks Resort and Spa in Telluride, Vail Mountain Lodge and Spa, and Cheyenne Mountain Resort in Colorado Springs.

More in the mood for a tropical climate? Blue Osa in Costa Rica fits the bill. Your wellness choices at The Blue Osa Beach Resort and Spa include a yoga retreat, spa package, and total mind and body detox. When you’re in the mood for more vacation-related activities, they offer eco-excursions, or you can sit on the beach.

When can you go?

Now that you’re chomping at the bit to head out for your wellness vacation, what’s available. COVID continues to rage on. Portugal recently closed to tourism until early April 2. Austria and India are also still closed to tourism.

If the sandbaths beckon, Egypt is open but requires a negative COVID test. Colorado is the easiest choice if you live anywhere in the US. If your heart desires tropical, Costa Rica is open, but you must have proof of adequate travel insurance.

Once the pandemic dies down, we deserve a wellness vacation, every one of us. Travel to your local spa or the local beach for now. Rest, relaxation, and exercise in the fresh air are good for your health.

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