Amy Jo Mattheis, founder of Pavo Navigation Coaching. has developed what she calls a “toolkit” to help women find their voice and power and use to the adapt the workplace to their needs, rather than being “someone else” at work in order to fit in.
Here’s a look at the five key tools in her toolkit:
1. Know what your values are – Ask yourself which values best inform your behavior and choices.  These could be things like honesty, transparency, collaboration, etc. If you’re not sure, look to some leaders you admire and think about what is is about their approach that resonates with you.
2. “Insist” List. In addition to clarifying your values, come up with a list of things that are “must haves” for you in your ideal workplace.  As women, we are often conditioned not to expect or require anything, but rather accept the status quo.  Establishing clear, consistent expectations for your day to day environment is a powerful exercise that will not only increase your satisfaction as an employee but make you a better leader.
3.Put it all in perspective. We have all been trained, shaped and raised to believe that working hard and being a successful professional requires that we give our blood and sweat to our career. That is simply not so. Consider the other “parts” of your life – family, love, parenting, friendships, etc. and put it all into perspective.
4. Trust yourself first and foremost. Trust that you have the intelligence, the capacity, the desire to do your work, to learn, ask questions and be the impactful professional you are. Trust that you show up fully in all of your skill and experience and that doesn’t change when we make a mistake, get something wrong, or have a “bad” day.

5. Be your authentic, genuine self all the time. No code switching. Using the first four tools equips you with all you need to show up as a consistent, clear, and responsible professional leader. You need not adjust who you are, how you behave, speak or act depending on who you are surrounded by. This is a powerful attribute of an effective leader.

AmyJo Mattheis is the CEO of Pavo Navigation Coaching, a unique resource that helps companies eliminate toxicity from the workplace. Often described as a “sparkplug,” Mattheis brings years of rich and varied professional experiences to all of her endeavors. She is a scholar and professor, a seasoned organizational leader and executive, and a keen listener.

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