How one act of kindness a day can change your life… imagine a jar full of kindness, and we pick one act of kindness every day, it would not only make the person you will act kindly to feel better, it will especially make you feel fantastic.

Statistics show, that observing kindness gets us as much benefit as the people who are receiving acts of kindness. Observing kindness gives us a warm, happy, and fuzzy feeling, and it shows that kindness is contagious. This is why acts of kindness spread so successfully through social networks during the last years. Random acts of kindness are streamed online and get up to 1.000.000 to 2.000.000 million views on YouTube and are continuous hits on Instagram and Facebook.

This is the reason why we think it is time to showcase and talk about more acts of kindness and great things that people do for each other. This is what Luisa does with her charity event, “Mi Amor Gala” every year.

Luisa Diaz is the founder of the organization Mi Amor Gala- a celebration of kindness, author, TV host, former “Ms. Venezuela International” and current “Mrs. New York International 2019”.

As a little girl, Luisa grew up in Venezuela with her grandparents, and she saw the constant abuse her grandfather inflicted on her grandmother. Her grandparents had 15 children, plus they raised her. Luisa adored her grandparents, but, unfortunately, she saw her grandfather physically and mentally abusing her grandmother and her aunts and uncles. Sometimes the abuse was so bad towards her beloved grandmother, that her grandmother and her 16 children, including Luisa, had to sleep on the streets when she was only five years old. Her grandmother was strong, courageous, beautiful, dignify,
and always kind. Despite the hopeless circumstances, her grandmother found the strength to leave her grandfather without having a job, an education, and 16 kids, but she never looked back. She is Luisa’s hero and inspiration.

Luisa Diaz founded her charity organization Mi Amor Gala 5 years ago, in L.A, with only her closest friends as supporters and in honor of her beloved grandmother to bring hope and opportunities to others. The kind her grandmother never had.

Mi Amor Gala is a celebration of kindness. We recognize angels who empower other angels with broken wings through the gift of love. At Mi Amor Gala, we have a “Runway Of Hope”. The “Runway of Hope” is not a regular fashion show. It is a celebration of hope and celebrates the new chapters in survivors’ lives.

“It is an absolute blessing when you can be in a place where you can feel safe. For me, that’s one of the most essential things about Mi Amor Gala. It really is a place to feel safe, because so many of us don’t. And I think that is what is so powerful and amazing. Mi Amor Gala and the “Runway of Hope” really helps survivors’ souls to know that whatever you’ve been through is not the ending; it’s the beginning of a new life.” –  April Hernandez-Castillo, a survivor and actress Dexter, Law&Order.

Luisa Diaz empowers people with Mi Amor Gala to rise back from the ashes, like a phoenix, for many years now and this year, we brought her Snowball of Kindness from Los Angeles to New York City.

"Luisa Diaz And Her Snowball Of Kindness"Mi Amor Gala’s 5th anniversary debuted in New York on November 21 st, 2019 with a huge success.

Many sponsors and people came together to support Luisa Diaz and her great cause and made it possible that we celebrated kindness at this year’s “White & Black” themed charity gala with 200 guests and only eight weeks of preparation time. One example, the “Runway of Hope” and Luisa’s vision has been supported by New York fashion designer Jovani for many years and has been covered by Fox5. He gifted his exclusive dresses to all the survivors of domestic violence, who walked the empowering fashion show and made them feel like Cinderella herself.

No matter who got in touch with Luisa’s vision was brought to tears and restored their faith in humanity. Whoever heard the story of her and Mi Amor Gala, was immediately on board and happily willing to help us spread kindness and show that kindness is the new cool.

Showcasing Luisa’s celebration of kindness and connecting with her will make you trust again in the power to change the world with acts of kindness that lie within all of us!

“We are living in a society that glorifies negativity, but they are a lot of people who are doing great things for each other, but nobody is talking about it. I want to celebrate and create a snowball of kindness because I believe in kindness and humanity.” – Luisa Diaz

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