Gianna Miceli is the author of “How To Get Your Best Body Over 50 Even In Menopause Without Dieting, Counting Calories, Suffering, Or HRT.”

This is her story

Gianna Miceli is an outspoken champion for women’s health, transforming the stigma attached to menopausal women from fat & frumpy to sexy & fabulous with her revolutionary message that women over 40 are not medically defective – they are eating themselves to it and the good news is…they can eat their way out of it!

In her books she shares details about why American women are miserable in their menopause years more than ever before in the most modern time in history. Absolutely anyone can follow her five-ways to diagnose your fat loss blocks that will help you combat a miserable menopause, set motivating goals, and create the healthy habits that work for YOU..

What is your book about?

"New-50 plus by Gianna Miceli"My book is about my experience as I unknowingly was heading into menopause. When I turned 43, I was asking myself, “Why am I getting fat? Why am I exhausted? Why am I tired all day but awake all night? Why am I having hot flashes?”

I did what most women do, which is to think, “I don’t feel well, I need to see a doctor”. As I saw doctor after doctor, none of them could tell me what was wrong with me. They didn’t even bring up perimenopause. They just offered me pharmaceutical meds for thyroid, antidepressants, and the meds they give to diabetics, all without a diagnosis. That just didn’t make sense to me.

The weight gain was crippling me, and the exhaustion was even worse than how I felt seeing myself in the mirror. I thought, if I’m this tired at 43, how will I make it to 53? I was in the beauty business in New York City, and I felt ugly and invisible.

I had to become my own wellness detective and fortunately found a woman who pointed me in the right direction as to how to diagnose my symptoms, and fix those using food instead of drugs and the first week I did what she told me to do, I lost seven pounds! I was so excited about seeing the scale finally move after four years, that all I wanted to do was to learn more information about how to feel better using only food.

My book teaches women where to go looking for the answers, as I like to call it, “under your hood”, like when your car doesn’t run well. It’s under the hood where all the answers are.

Why did you want to write this book?

Since no doctor taught this information to me, I wanted to share it with every woman that needed it. There are Facebook groups with tens of thousands of women who are miserable and don’t know why and are not finding the answers at their doctor’s offices.

I get the most emails between 9pm and 2am, when women finally have time to themselves and are searching for information, and they want it instantly, so I put the book online and created a course around it so they can see it’s so much more than lowering your calories and exercising more.

What was the most difficult part about writing the book?

The most difficult part about writing the book was to not write it from a scientific point of view. Most women seeking answers are so desperate for relief, they really just want a life preserver thrown to them immediately, like what is going to help me right now.

The most rewarding? 

The most rewarding part of writing the book is when a woman realizes she’s found what she was looking for.  Mostly it’s a woman’s intuition that has been telling her that what the doctor was feeding her just wasn’t right.

What do you hope other people will take away from reading your book?

What I hope women take away from the book is to never stop searching for answers. Don’t give up. Your body is dying to heal and serve you. The answers are out there if you know where to look.  Trust the physiology of looking “under your hood”. That’s where your body is screaming to tell you how to help it.

What is the most important thing you want women to know about menopause?

That it’s not a medical condition as the medical establishment wants you to believe. It’s a menu condition and I prove that in my online course.

Why was this topic so important to you?

This topic was so important to me because being fat, sick, and tired crippled my income. I was self employed and no longer had the energy to conduct business. Women of the menopause age now make up 25% of the work force, so it’s not just the woman’s problem anymore.

There’s a lot of chatter about workplaces being more understanding but that’s just chatter. It’s not the woman’s fault that changes happen, but she is the only one who can restore and repair herself. She’s going to be competing in the market with women who are younger, have more energy and vitality, so she’ll have to be able to do that. If a woman can keep herself vivacious, her experience and wisdom will skyrocket her career.

What’s next for you?

I’d like to write a book for women younger than forty, that will encourage them to ditch the lifestyle habits that create a miserable menopause, and embrace habits that will give them an “uneventful” one, as it should and could be.

How can our readers get a copy of your book?

Readers can get the book by going to

What is the best way for our readers to connect with you?

When the book is purchased, you’re automatically subscribed to my text messaging, and I’m happy to help every woman with her specific needs.

You can also reach Gianna at or

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