Known as the “The Duchess of Decorum” by her loyal 400,000 TikTok followers, Pattie Ehsaei (TikTok: “thesifactor”), has established herself as the expert of “P’s and Q’s” on the platform where she has received over 1.8 MILLION likes as she teaches social and workplace etiquette, along with financial literacy. A lawyer by trade and currently a Senior Vice President of Mergers and Acquisitions lending for a major national bank, she’s the perfect example of “tough but fair” and believes that success comes from information and empowerment. She is this month’s Woman of Wisdom.
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Proper Table Manners: How do you pronounce escargot? What do you do with tea bags while sipping your favorite tea? Is it ok to reach across the table? How do you properly butter your bread? How do you drink from a glass with lipstick on? What are those weird menu items? Pattie answers your most pressing Table Manners questions.

Landing the Job & Workplace Etiquette: Job interview tips – research the company! How to sound smarter at your job. What do you put on your resume and what is a cover letter? Stop procrastinating now. ALWAYS proofread your emails. How to ask for a raise. As an employee recruiter for over 20 years, Pattie is an expert on what employers look for in candidates and had to excel at your career once you land the job.

Financial Success: How to create a budget and save for a rainy day. The true value of a four-year degree. How to make your own money. A self-made success story herself, Pattie provides all the financial tips on how we can become our own bosses.

Relationship Tips: How to spot a mediocre relationship and when to leave. Who pays on the first date? How to not nitpick your loved ones. No romance without finance – how to find partners that are driven to succeed and what financial red flags to look for. How to keep your relationship happy. Remember that proposal is not a life goal. Pattie gives her tips on how to succeed in healthy relationships with significant others that live up to your standards.

Women Empowerment: Why you shouldn’t settle. How to set boundaries. Always ask for what you want. How can you build habits? Forgive yourself for the past and remember there is no “overnight success”. How to dress like the boss that you are. Note to self: You are what you believe. As a dedicated activist for women empower and success, Pattie provides tips to help all women succeed on their paths.

Born in Iran, the Persian beauty moved to Los Angeles as a youth and has spent the last 20 years in a multi-faceted career focused in finance. From relationship management, business development, investment banking, and raising capital from sovereign wealth funds in private equity, Pattie has seen all sides of the industry. Within the past year, she created her TikTok account as a way to provide education, advice, and techniques to help young folks navigate their way through work, finances, social settings and more. Her direct approach peppered with levity and some real takeaway, has made her an instant success! Pattie’s account grew to 400,000 followers in less than six months and has become appointment television for her growing audience. “How do I make and keep a budget?” What is this little fork for?” “How much should I spend for a car?” “How do I ask for a raise?” These are the type of questions that Pattie provides real and honest answers to, that keep her fans begging for more.



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