REVEALED: How many people trust a psychic more than a professional?

Keeping secrets from your partner and family is not uncommon. Sometimes when people need advice and are unsure who to talk to, they may be tempted to take an unconventional approach and seek advice from the mystical world.

With that in mind, has decided to investigate how many people would actually seek advice from a psychic rather than a professional or an acquaintance.

Findings include:

"Over a THIRD of people would rather speak to a psychic than *sex* health professionals"

According to a study from Pew Research Center, this is more common than you may think, with 41% believing in the work of psychics. 

With that in mind, has decided to investigate how many people would actually seek advice from a psychic rather than a professional. To find out, they asked 2,402 people to list instances where they would rather seek advice from a psychic. 

37% would rather speak to a psychic about their sex problems 

Interestingly, 37% of respondents would rather consult a psychic rather than a sex therapist about how to spice things up in the bedroom. 

The survey by PsychicWorld also reveals that more than a third of people would rather trust the advice of a psychic over their own partner (35%). Marriage counsellors take the third spot (31%), highlighting just how many people would rather call upon mystic powers to save their love lives. 

Police officers are less trustworthy than psychics, according to 26% of people, who would rather see a psychic to solve legal issues

Similarly, 7% of people would rather take advice from psychics over a professional lawyer. 

Perhaps concerning is that 13% of people said they would rather see a psychic than a doctor, and although spiritual advice is fun, we advise people get medical help when they experience health problems. 

Furthermore, decided to go more in depth about the reasons why the respondents chose to use the services of psychics. 

Full survey results: 

What were the most common sex/relationship problems a psychic helped you overcome? 

  • To find out if my partner was cheating one me (72%)
  • Our sex life was dull (68%)
  • My partner and I didn’t have sex anymore (60%)
  • My partner was not attracted to me anymore (57%)
  • I was cheating on my partner (49%)
  • I was not attracted to my partner anymore (42%)

Why would you choose a psychic over a therapist? 

  • They are better at comforting you (56%)
  • They add a divine touch (49%)
  • You get a better connection with a psychic (44%)
  • They are better at listening (37%)

Why would you talk to a psychic rather than family/friends?

  • I feel less judged (61%)
  • It’s more confidential (52%)
  • They have better advice (46%)

Do you think psychics would be more able to solve crimes than the Police Force? 

  • Yes (38%)
  • No (62%)

Would you trust the legal advice of psychics? 

  • Yes (41%)
  • No (59%)

Did you feel like the psychic helped you overcome your issues?

  • Yes (49%)
  • To some extent (27%)
  • No (24%)


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