Patented & Clinically Proven 360-Degree UV-C Disinfection | Disinfects and Charges All Phones (Featured in red, also available in blue, green, lavender and white)

PhoneSoap Pro is a must have for any bag this spring/summer. It also comes in a sleek travel case that makes it easy to slip into any bag! PhoneSoap Pro disinfects and charges your phone simultaneously with it’s UV-C light-99.99% of bacteria are eliminated safely from you “germy” phone. Available on Amazon

PhoneSoap Pro features:

  • UV-C Phone Sanitizer & Charger; PhoneSoap Pro cleans and sanitizes the surfaces of your phone and other high touch gear. Backed by 10 years in UV technology, our best-in-class products disinfect your entire phone and small objects using UV-C light all while charging with the dual USB and USB-C charging ports.

  • 360-Degree Disinfection; Our unique, patented design ensures powerful, germicidal UV-C light reaches all sides and surfaces of objects placed inside. Our combination of chamber design, selective materials, and bulb placement makes our phone sanitizer and charger box one of the best phone accessories.

  • Ultra-quick and Easy Hygiene; Simply plug the PhoneSoap Pro into power with the provided cord, place your phone or other item inside, close lid to begin disinfection, and then remove your newly disinfected item after 5 minutes. Disinfect your phone every night or whenever you wash your hands. Notice a red light? Expose the bulbs to natural light or a flashlight for up to 10 minutes.

  • Disinfects Larger Phones and More; Bigger and faster than the original model, PhoneSoap Pro fits even larger phone models like the iPhone 8+ or Galaxy S10+ – as well as other personal items. Drop your keys, wallets, headphones, jewelry, glasses, or similar items into this germicical box. Interior Dimensions: 7.13 x 4.38 x 0.72 in.

  • Best Reviewed, Most Trusted Brand; PhoneSoap made germicidal UV-C light available to consumers as best-in-class disinfection products paired with stylish design. We help people live better by defeating microbes the easy way—on high-touch, germ-coated phones to the air we breathe.

The main difference is that the Pro can sanitize your phone in half the time as the regular one. As for the other complaints about it being difficult to open and close, you do have to be careful but, compared to older models that slid around on the counter, this one sticks down so you can use appropriate pressure to grip the top and open

Available on Amazon

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