Now that 2022 has arrived, it’s the perfect time for your family to start engaging in healthy bedtime habits. Regardless if your child is an infant or a teenager, it’s never too late to start a nightly sleep routine. The Allay Lamp helps families manage the transition by creating the right space for rest and relaxation, allowing the body and brain to rejuvenate and restore itself the way it is meant to.

Whether parenting a newborn, toddler, middle schooler or even a teen, sleep is an important function of living for everyone in the home. Without enough good quality sleep, a person can be afflicted with everything from anxiety and depression to high blood pressure and heart disease.

Parents sometimes put their health last on the list of things to worry about, but it’s not possible to take care of kids properly without first taking care of oneself. Kids benefit when parents are rested and headache pain free, something that can be achieved with the Allay Lamp.

The Allay Lamp emits a soothing, natural glow that calms the brain to ease stress, reduce anxiety, and create better, longer sleep. What better goal to have in 2022 than high quality, restorative sleep?

Light is made up of different color waves, including red, blue, yellow and green. These light waves are transmitted through electrical signals in the eye that then activate brain function, including sleep, mood, and so on.

You may have heard about the effects of blue light emitting technology, ever worried about the tweens and teens who are tethered to the phones they got for Christmas, but the reality is that most light sources emit a combination of waves that can trigger the brain and increase headache pain, as well as disturb sleep.

There is one band of light wave however that has minimal impact: green light. The electrical signals that green light emits via the eye to the brain are much smaller and therefore much less disturbing. A calmer brain has direct implications for stress, headache pain and sleep quality, which ultimately affect a person’s ability to function every day.

With the help of a team of entrepreneurs and an engineer from NASA, the calming and effective green light emitting Allay Lamp was born and the big winners with this product are parents. While it’s a known fact that most parents of newborns struggle with sleep, parents of children of all ages are prone to disturbed sleep.

From the “up and down every hour” sleep patterns of newborns looking for their next meal to the sense of being overwhelmed and stressed that comes with parenting any age child, insomnia is a problem for moms and dads. However, by using the Allay Lamp in all bedrooms, families can have a low stress, minimal sensory disruptive environment that will help every member of the family to fall asleep and stay that way. In addition, expectant and nursing moms will like the fact that the Allay Lamp offers non medicated relief from headache and migraine pain.

Portable and Long-Lasting: One touch controls for brightness and power, rotating shade to direct light, flip to switch to regular light, up to 32 hour battery life, charges with Micro-USB, 10+ year LED life

The Allay Lamp is available online via their website or on Amazon.

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