If you don’t have the sufficient amount or time to spend on skin care then follow these natural secrets for your flawless skin.

In order to nourish your skin, use olive oil as it is really good, and hence it will reinforce and nourish the skin and also regenerates and helps in protection against the impurities. The olive oil can also be used from head to toe.

Take Avocado which is little bit ripe,and make it as mask. Crush the avocado and put it on your face and hence it nourishes the skin. During summer, mix an avocado with egg yolk for a face mask as it protects our face from sun damages.

Banana is used to remove the blackheads. Rub it on your nose and it will make the blackheads pop out more easily.

Blend the cucumber with sandalwood powder and curd using a blender.Apply in face it will relieves the sun burns and will even reduce your sun tan.

Make pulp of a tomato and mix it with honey to make a paste. Apply the face pack . This serves as a natural bleach for your face and brightens up your face.

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