Imagine this.

You’ve been asked to do kipping pull-ups, crunches. And on the other hand, you see your friend doing Salsa. What will be your feeling? Oh! I wish I could be a part of that routine. Isn’t it? 

That’s how Salsa is emerging as a replacement for conventional exercises. Why? For a simple reason that it helps to break the monotony. Fiery music and movements are an excellent way to workout in today’s time. 

Its popularity began in the early 70s and outgrew other dance styles gradually. In fact, experts confirm it’s a superb workout. It merges different exercise forms that help to build your stamina and leg strength. 

But that’s not the only reason to opt for this dance form. Let’s find out more!

First Things First, It Makes You Smarter 

Yes, you heard it right! Whenever you put your mind to learning something new, your brain synapses will automatically increase to tackle this mental process. It’s just like solving Sudoku puzzles that require a lot of thinking. So, trust me, it will make you smarter. 

You Won’t Ever Feel Bored

This is quite evident since you’ve to get out of your home. You won’t feel lazy anymore. Also, it is quite different from spending your time watching a movie or getting drunk. And if you combine it with Kizomba Dance, you can learn how to move your body sensually. Who knows, you might get asked out just because you are a good dancer?

You can also choose this dance form with your partner. Honestly, it would be a lot better than you going out for a date night. Your communication and other issues will automatically resolve. 

You Will Burn Calories

Since we already mentioned that Salsa is a great dance form that’s equivalent to aerobic exercises. So, you can quickly get back into shape by doing it regularly. Experts suggest that dancing salsa will burn up to 10 calories in a minute. And that too without any adverse side effects that are related to high-impact exercises. You won’t even look great. You’ll improve your social life. And that will boost your mental health significantly. 

You’ll Have More Confidence

Since you start interacting with people around you when dancing, it automatically boosts your confidence to hold conversations. Also, you won’t feel intimidated anymore and can easily dance even if people are watching you. And when the hard work starts paying off when you become a good dancer, it will further boost your self-esteem. 

In The End, It’s All About Having Fun 

Salsa is fun. For that matter, any dance form is fun. You’ll start enjoying your time. You’ll feel more relaxed and will start smiling more often. Isn’t that what we hope for all the time? Lesser depressing thoughts and something that motivates us to do better things in life.  

So, leave all the boredom aside and give yourself extra energy by introducing Salsa in your life and enjoying a fun-filled session while making yourself healthier. 

So, are you ready to move? 


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