Dr. Lawanda Mobbs, EdD

The awakening to life and all its beauty…

Have you ever awaken to the melodies of the birds singing at sunrise? From their branches deep in the trees, they bring a sense of newness, calmness and inner peace.  As you start each day there are so many daily sequence of actions and repetitive systems that are followed in an inevitable world. If only there was blueprint for life to give us daily guidance and directions to where to go, what to do and how to do things the right way. Unfortunately, life doesn’t come with a blueprint. Or a compass to direct us on our journey in life.  But nevertheless, there is still a beautiful and different meaning of life itself. We just have to open our eyes. Open our hearts. And open our minds to see things differently beautiful. Too not just go-through things but to grow-through every single event in our life.

Uncertainty, doubt, anxiety, fear, success, failure, happiness, sadness, joyfulness and pain are all key areas of life that one will eventually endure. All of which are processes and experiences of living life fully. In order to experience the different beauty of life we must see things differently and express our emotions in a healthier way. No matter what you endure in life, keep a good heart. Never allow your situation or the darkness of others to change your heart. Our emotions bring out the best or the worst in us.

How we cope with our inner emotions makes a huge difference on “seeing life differently beautiful,” either it makes us strong or weakens us both internally and externally.

Life is constantly evolving. Just like the earth in it’s inevitable rotation so are our lives. We are surrounded by a diversity of differences. No one person is the same. Just like no one person view life the same. We have free will to view life through our own internal perception. Every level in life demands a different view which ultimately births a different you. Many would believe seeing life through the lens of “differently beautiful” depends on where you are emotionally, mentally and physically. I personally disagree. I believe the beauty of life starts with you and ends with you.

I can recall hearing an elderly woman tell me years ago that God is life and everything in life is His masterpiece of excellent creation. I definitely agree. What God has created in this world is truly irreplaceable. The way the stars align at night in the sky. Or the way the sun beams down on the earth during daylight. No one thing that God has created has been a waste. Even those small animals at the bottom of the sea have great purpose and bring such a beautiful existence to the life of mankind. The beautiful soul of mankind is another one of God’s beautiful creation in life. It’s not that bad things happen to good people but instead good things happen to good people also. Life is a series of beautiful people encountering beautiful events.

Choose to see the difference and beauty in all things…both the large and small in life.

We may not be able to press rewind in our life. Or undo what has been done in our past, but we can start now and change our view and actions of the future. Doing things differently for the greater good of others. Loving those that are unlovable and forgiving those that are unforgivable. Showing compassion and kindness to others. All of which involves life. Living a “differently beautiful” life. Representing every moment with compassion, wisdom, understanding and love. Allowing life to bring you more smiles then sadness. More laughter than tears. And more positive energy than negative energy. Begin to live a life of true abundance by changing your mindset about life.

Change your mind – Change your life.

One of the greatest weapons of knowledge one could ever attain is the way our minds think. Proverbs 23:7, “As a man thinks within himself, so he is.” We become what we think. If we think life is bad. Then life will be bad but if we think life is beautiful then life will be beautiful. It is all perception of the mind. Some would even call it law of attraction. Attracting that which you desire. Either way seeing life as “differently beautiful” allows you to see the difference in life and not to be mislead by a pretentious behavior but instead  viewing life with so much beauty.

Life is Differently Beautiful.

It is adventurous. It is exciting. It is ever-changing. It is filled with so many different cultures and people of all nationalities. It is a place to explore the journey of living. To try new things. To travel with freedom all over the world to any destination. Life is about living not just existing. Being present and mindful. Life is about being different and being beautiful.  Life is Differently Beautiful.

The Holy Bible: New American Standard Bible. 1995. 

Dr. Lawanda Mobbs is the National Published Author of the Amazon seller “Differently Beautiful.”  She  helps people everyday find their healing in life through becoming set free and living each day with joy and mindful healing. She is the Women’s Pastor of Victory of Praise Church and Nonprofit Literacy Entrepreneur for children with Autism. She resides in Texas with her husband and two daughters.


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