This is the year of women. Women have made great strides in business and career. For the first time in the United States there is a women Vice-President candidate for a major political party. We have come a long way as women. 

As we continue to make strides and break glass ceilings maintaining health is of utmost importance. It is health that is wealth so let us make self-care mandatory in our life. 

Incorporate these 3 things into your routine to become your best self. 


The body is designed to move daily. Take breaks throughout the day to walk. Head towards the stairs instead of the elevator. Any activity for 30 minutes that raises your heart rate will offer physical and emotional benefits. Yoga, Pilates, or going for a walk are options to get you moving. 


Often it is said you are what you eat. This is true to a certain extent it can be better said you are what your body absorbs. Your gut has billions of bacteria and there should be more good bacteria (probiotic) than bad bacteria. Eating probiotics like yogurt, kefir, and sauerkraut is a good start. For best results take a probiotic supplement with at least 3 billion live and active cultures. Be sure to add nine to thirteen servings of fruits & veggies to your diet as well. 


When you think about something long enough it will manifest in your life. Feed yourself positivity every day. Develop 3 positive affirmations unique to your life. Surround yourself with people who strengthen and empower you. Listen to motivating topics through podcast or audiobooks. 

As you begin adding these things to your new normal there will be an adjustment. Give yourself time to become balanced. The new you is ready to emerge and it definitely will be worth the wait. Making yourself a priority is one decision you will not regret! 

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