For the last few weeks, I had to unplug. I actually had to give myself permission to sit down. I remember as a child growing up, my grandmother used to say “Girl go somewhere and sit down” She usually said that when I was doing too much. Talking too much. Moving too much. Just doing the most. Well that is what was happening to me. I was doing too much!

How you might be asking was I doing too much when the world was still on shutdown?

I know. I know. But during our quarantine, I used that time as an opportunity to schedule a lot of social media stuff during my days and nights. I mean since we were not working, I could stay up as late as I wanted to.

So, I binged watched television shows. I read all the magazines I never had time to read. I face timed my family and friends. Let’s not talk about the zoom meetings. (insert side eye) I mostly became a grad student of You Tube University. I learned new easy recipes. I learned how to diffuse my natural curly hair. I learned how to make facials using ingredients I had in my kitchen. And I took loads of classes. I listened to podcasts. I was just feeding my mind.

It was good, but it was noisy. There was too much information going in. I started to become overwhelmed. But I continued to take yoga on line, walk away the pounds, learn how to create a sales funnel, create my content calendar and all sorts of other activities.

Finally, I had to say enough already. It was too much. I was on overload.

I don’t know about you, but when I become overwhelmed. I either get impatient and mean or emotional and weepy. I was a combination of both and I knew I needed to call a time out. It was affecting my creativity. I was even having a problem writing.

So, I gave myself permission to sit still. To do nothing. No workshops, no podcasts, nothing.

I took the time to read, repot my plants and sit on my balcony. I enjoyed the stillness. I enjoyed watching the clouds. I actually enjoyed being still.

I needed the time off.  And now I’m back!!! 

Sometimes you just need to let go. Don’t be afraid. Remove yourself from the chatter. Unplug.  Just rest, relax, refresh and restore. Give your self the break you need.

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