Are you the one everyone turns to when they need something done? Are you the one planning the family reunion, office party, girl’s night? Are you juggling a 9-5 and doing your own thing on the side? Are you the chauffer for your children who have schedules busier than yours? Do you feel guilty when you take any time just for you?  If you said yes to even one of these questions, then I’m sure you often neglect taking the time to take care of you.

Self-care is important to our well-being, but often we refuse to make the time for ourselves.  Sometimes we just need to escape from it all. Our days are filled. It seems like we are in a contest to see who can be the busiest. But it’s not good to be on turbo charge all the time. 

I can’t believe I am saying this. I used to be the queen of keep it moving. I was always doing something and I loved it. When people would ask me how I did it, I would proudly claim that I didn’t need all that rest or sleep. But last year something changed and suddenly I looked forward to my “me” time. I don’t even remember when exactly, but one day the thought of doing nothing sounded good.

After I made up my mind that I was going to relax, I found I couldn’t. I couldn’t relax because I would look around and see something I “should” be doing around the house. And I would feel guilty about doing nothing.

That is the first step toward self-care. Making the decision to take the time. The second step is to actually do it. You should make it your goal to have time for yourself as often as possible.

 During a workshop I attended last year, a speaker shared how important it was to have a sanctuary. A space where I could spend valuable “me” time. She shared that it didn’t take a lot of space and that even having an area in a small space would work. Wherever it is, the purpose is for you to spend some quiet time.  Time away from the noise, the hustle and bustle of your life. You can make your space “yours” by having some of your favorite things there. A throw or blanket, pillow, candles, journal, reading materials. Anything that helps you to relax and enjoy your “me” time.

For 2020 our goal should be to not only take the time for self-care but to create a sanctuary space just for us.

Conchetta Jones is a personal development and confidence coach. As owner of Confident Woman,She’s All That! she helps women to identify the obstacles in their lives that are keeping them stuck and not living the life of their dreams. She is also an author of five books listed on Amazon, a speaker and a modeling coach. Conchetta feels her purpose in life is to motivate and inspire women to step out of the box that others have put them in, and to live the life they desire on their terms. Follow Conchetta at her website at She is also our newest Lifestyle Editor.

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