by Christine Laureano

There comes a time in life when the same old way of doing things just doesn’t suffice. Its’ like the saying about, well, getting off the pot!

Reinvention doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time, choice, many sleepless nights and conversations with your girlfriends. And then when you’re ready to get serious, you take action.

I know, I know, I hear you. You’ve been there, you’ve tried and you’re still in the same place – and not living close to your dreams.

This is where reinvention takes a turn. It has little to do with sharing conversations with your girlfriends. Though they say they have your best interest at heart, they’ll try to talk you out of living your dream. Why? Because they’re scared that they won’t be able to follow in your footsteps. Doubt and fear rushes in and the holding pattern continues.

It also has little to do with having tried before, spending sleepless night lying in the darkness, tears streaming down your face and praying to God for help to get you out of this mess.

Ok, here’s the turn. That stuff is all good, and by the way God/Spirit/Universe heard you in those dark moments, but were you listening for the answer?

What I’ve learned in my “reinvention” is that it all begins from where you are today – right now. Because what you wanted in the past probably isn’t what you want today. We have lived our lives not really knowing what we want. We think we know, but it actually turns out that what we thought we wanted was really someone else’s dream, somewhat else’s desire, someone else’s want.

The reinvention of self is about knowing exactly what you want – YOU, not your kids, not your spouse, not your mom or dad. It isn’t easy, believe me. I’ve been stuck there too until I let loose, thought outside the box and began to dream big.

The second part of the reinvention of self is to bring your life into purpose. Remember those tearful nights praying to God? Remember when I asked, are you listening for the answer? What happens in moments of despair and sadness it that we pour our hearts out, promising we’ll do anything to have things change. The next morning, in the light of day we begin the negotiation. We will do what it takes as long as “I’m not uncomfortable”, “as long as I don’t have to do work”, “as long as it’s easy and I can do it between my shows.”

When you are creating your life ON Purpose, listening for the answers means there is no negotiating and waiting for the answer to come “the way you want it.” This is the most difficult for people because it does mean change. It isn’t always easy, but it is always in the best interest of living ON Purpose. Listen for the subtle messages and insights. When synchronicity happens, know that is part of your answer.

Start to “feel” your way through your life rather than always being in “thinking” mode. When you connect with the way you feel, you are connecting with your heart. When you connect with your heart, you connect with your soul. And, when you connect with your soul you begin to uncover the deeper meaning to your life, you uncover your purpose. When you hit gold like this, you shine! You radiate your passion, you radiate your purpose and you become attractive. People can’t help connecting with you because there is an energy that draws them to you!

THAT is living life ON Purpose.

Reinvention will always be interesting. You will always have great stories. And, as you listen to the insights you will live your life ON Purpose.

Business Mentor, ON Purpose Living Coach and Visionary Leader, Christine Laureano collaborates with motivated, soul-inspired women to find the soul of their business and bring life to their brilliant ideas! She shows women how to connect with their core purpose in life so they can confidently build the business want and live their lives ON Purpose. Learn more at

This first appeared in our premier edition of Women of Wisdom in 2012

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