We can have a holistic way of ‘practicing’ fashion, and it is trendy and cool– healthy, healing fashion. As we age, we want our wardrobe to express growth, wisdom, and change. Fashion is a positive, fun ritual in our life. We can utilize our holistic practice of dress through the art of daily dressing. 

When we get older, we become more mystical. As we embrace age, we can use the triple goddess symbol, the maiden/mother/crone, as a form of inspiration. The motherhood, and crone/sage phase is a special age, and a time when we can enhance our beauty and our body/mind with fashion. It is a time for peace and comfort, and also a time for rejuvenation and inspiration.

The fashion industry is all about looking youthful. Yet it is not about stepping back in time and looking like a young person, it is about not letting time make us old. One way we can be youthful as we age is when we dress in modern, fresh, timeless styles that make us glow, and give us a naturally youthful look.

Below, I will be sharing with you anti-aging tips for all of us fashion mystics, fashion souls, and fashion stars. I have listed all healing fashion methods that make fashion medicinal for our lives. 

Healthy anti-aging apparel Tips

"Healthy anti-aging apparel Tips"Comfortable silhouettes: As we age, we learn to choose outfits that help us cope and destress. For example, it can be a favorite sweatshirt or a cozy garment. We use fashion as a way to soothe and comfort ourselves. A part of living and aging well is to live and age comfortably.

Comfortable silhouettes help the body move, and as we get older, we need to have movement-accessible apparel. Clothing like yoga apparel, ceremonial/meditation-style apparel, loungewear, contemporary wear, and activewear are all typically very comfortable, very stylish, and they come in all style genres.

Stay warm: Clothes need to keep us warm. As our bodies and organs age, we need to keep the warmth inside more and more to stay healthy. Apparel should keep us warm, and it can be made in any material: plant, animal, or synthetic. It is critical to stay warm for a youthful appearance. If we stress the body with coldness, it will stress the internal organ system. 

All-age trends: I noticed when I go shopping at some of the more upscale fashion-market retail stores in the US, like Bloomingdales, Sak 5th, and Nordstrom, many of the Misses and Women’s and Junior’s clothing are merged, and they are all very youthful and trendy in appearance. The Misses/Women’s category is often becoming more similar to the Juniors fashion category. Clothing– a lot of clothing is already timeless and ageless, yet youthful. 

A lot of the more mature clothing is becoming more youthful. Everyone wants cute, fun fashion, and many of the design details in Junior fashion have that youthful look that we can wear, too. I like to mix both Junior and Misses apparel into my wardrobe to look more youthful.

Design details are important because it is all about the design and the cut of the garment that makes a look both timeless and in-trend. 

Plant-based fabrics: Linen/cotton/hemp fabrics are important– plants have a crystalline structure that naturally absorbs and releases negative energy from our energy body. Additionally, choosing organic fabrics will help the body, as they are made with little to no toxic chemicals. 

Herbal-dyed fabrics: Ayurvastra is herbal-dyed textiles. They come in lots of beautiful colors. Herbal dyes support the energy field and boost energy levels. Herbal dyes come in powdery, pastel colors to more saturated, rich tones. The herbal-dyed fabrics have medicinal properties like anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-skin disease, and blood purification. Herbs like aloe, turmeric, and neem are a few herbs used to dye Ayurvastra-based fabric. The healing herbal infusions in the fabric go through our energy body and physical body. 

Healing Jewelry + Accessories

  • Crystals/gemstones: we can use specific crystals to heal specific emotions.
  • Essential oil-diffuser jewelry: this is a good way to wear chemical-free fragrance, and it can last up to 10 hours.
  • Wooden/bamboo framed sunglasses: Choosing other materials besides plastic for sunglasses, like wood material, is healthy. Many plastic sunglasses have a Prop 65 warning tag on the product, because of the toxic Bisphenol A (BPA) in the material.
  • Seashells and pearls: Crushed pearls are becoming a popular ingredient added to textile pigments. Whole pearls provide crystal healing. Seashells can also be used like crystals.
  • Copper bracelets: Copper can magnify a person’s energy.
  • Magnets: Magneto therapy was taught by Hanna Kroeger, she was a master healer. Body magnets can be worn throughout the day as a part of your dress, or hung on your purse and accessories. Body magnets create balance in human’s magnetic poles. 
  • Compression socks: Cushioned crew socks and compression socks will strengthen ankles. It can also support circulation and swelling. Oftentimes this happens with aging.
  • Slippers: Acupressure massage slippers and shoes will help stimulate the meridian energy point centers of the body for energy flow and energy balance. 

Fashion for the mind, body, and spirit is an ancient practice. Ancient’s used the Earth’s elements to make their clothing give them a natural glow, and natural beauty. 

One wise person told me to make a pouch, and to fill it with special spiritual objects like pieces of rocks, crystals, feathers, seeds, and herbs, like the way the Native American’s had filled their pouches. They were called medicine bags. These medicine bags were medicinal and healing to the wearer. This is a sacred and holy thing to do, and it is used to protect ourselves from negativity.

Beauty + Hygiene

"we can enhance our appearance when we practice a beauty routine"As we age, . Here are a few of my favorite natural beauty care treatments

  • Cotton-eye mask: filled with natural materials and made with dried lavender or other dried aromatherapeutic herbs.
  • Pure 24k gold-infused skincare: gold is anti-aging, reduces skin damage and cell damage with other healing properties.
  • Botanical flower mists: soothing floral essence sprays are beautifying and tone the skin.
  • Castor oil: castor is a miracle skincare oil that cleanses and renews skin, and repairs DNA damage. 
  • Mineral-infused nail polish: low-impact, plant-based, mineral-infused polishes don’t have toxic petrochemical ingredients.
  • Crystal-infused skincare: Ancient Egyptians made makeup with crushed crystals. They help the skin glow and energize the body.
  • Rose quartz and jade rollers: A spa and beauty tool, rolling the crystals onto the face and body will support the skin and help release stuck energy in the face and body. 

As a fashion healer, and as a fashion intuitive, I both professionally and personally practice self-healing through the art of dressing. As a part of my work, I create anti-aging, healthy apparel ideas. This involves creating a healthy, modern lifestyle and curating a creative, unique wardrobe that will support the mind, body, and spirit. 

Fashion for health and wellness has become a lot more in-trend. We have advanced fashion technology found right in our wardrobes. All of the apparel and accessories listed above will help us during our natural aging process, and inspire our current and future wardrobe. 

I am continually aging, and I see it as a necessary part of life. Yet, I am constantly looking for new ways to use fashion and beauty to age gracefully. I know many of these fashion treatments and beauty remedies give a youthful glow. This type of fashion and dressing will help support an aging body, and it will help us to look even more youthful. 

"Alyssa Couture"Alyssa Couture is a fashion author and fashion entrepreneur. Her book HEALTHY FASHION: THE DEEPER TRUTHS establishes an alternative approach to clothing: fashion for health. Visit www.hfcampaign.com for more info. 


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