In August 2021, Jessica Summers left behind her home to start a new  future, in a country she had never even visited. This radical change created a seismic shift in her, and from there a vision evolved. The world needs new, empathic leaders – and Jessica is helping them find their voice.
There are those who travel the world and those of us who stay at home. Jessica Summers had always been safely in the stay-at-home category.
But the days of endless turmoil in Spring 2020 changed her. She saw plane trails across the sky whilst remaining landlocked in her garden and she swore that, as soon as she possibly could, she would leave the country – and the town – where she had lived her whole life.
So, in summer 2021, she packed her car full to bursting, gave away everything else she owned and put her house on the market. With her husband and 6 year old daughter in tow, they drove 1,600 miles across Europe to Montenegro.
Jessica clearly remembers her family’s reaction. “They were horrified. Why were we going Montenegro – a country we’d barely even heard of and didn’t speak the language. How would we live? What about my daughter?”
It was hard to explain to them why she needed to do this.
“I had no answers. But in my life I have made following the energy more vital than thinking and risk assessment,” says Jessica.
“ If your main aim in life is to be comfortable, safe and secure then you must slowly kill the wild miraculousness of you.”
The journey itself presented challenges, not least negotiating the myriad COVID rules as they crossed each border. It then took another 3 long months before their house in the UK finally sold. It was a testing time. “We had no guarantees. We have also had to make choices with a rapidity that has left me dizzy. BUT we have had mind blowing experiences,” she says.
“I realised I had to step up and truly commit to my life – no one was going to do it for me. If your main aim in life is to be comfortable, safe and secure then you must slowly kill the wild miraculousness of you.”
The move has had a dramatic effect on Jessica’s career direction, too. As an award-winning hypno-psychotherapist, she had already noticed that once clients admitted they wanted more and committed to living a bigger life – one that was uniquely ‘them’ – their symptoms went away. Stepping onto this path herself has opened up a whole new direction for her.
Inspired by her journey, she was suddenly gripped by the desire to set herself a gruelling 28 day challenge. She called this challenge TRUE GRIT. The plan? To undertake a high intensity exercise programme for 28 days – not for vanity’s sake, but because she had a theory: that if you choose one thing that makes your hands shake and your palms sweat – and you fully commit to it for 28 days, no quitting – then it will install the element of true grit into every area of your life. It proved to be true.
The results were remarkable and life-changing for all who took part. People moved home, met new partners, wrote and published songs and, above all, faced their demons. “I’m aware that there are some people out there who consistently start but don’t finish, choose less than they’re capable of, step forward then step back and hide. They generally live life feeling like they are never going to make it.” Jessica explains.
“These are the leaders of the future and they need a unique community where they are free to become all they can be. I wanted the challenge to encourage people to step up – and it was incredible to witness this in action.”
Jessica is keen to stress that she isn’t seeking to be a guru. “We really don’t need that kind of leader now. We need people who can hold up a mirror for others so that they can see their own brilliance. I take part in the challenges along with the participants, to help them truly commit to themselves and become leaders of their own lives.
They have to see my willingness to not know what’s going to happen next, my vulnerability – because I’m the biggest control freak there is. So if I can do it, believe me, anyone can!”
“For me this is what will create a better world: the space of vulnerability.”
She is now excited to be expanding this unique brand of mentorship, coaching and free community challenges to develop effective, powerful and autonomous empathic leaders. “My hope is that these quietly courageous people will go out there and show the world how it’s done!” she laughs.
“Empaths, imposter-syndrome sufferers, perfectionists and intentional underachievers. This one’s for you!” Jessica makes a rallying call. “Being a leader doesn’t require followers – it means stepping into ALL you can be. It’s simple and unique to each person. When we do that, everything works in our lives.
“We stop trying to solve small problems and get
curious about what kind of world we’d like to create in the future.”
And the community element of the TRUE GRIT challenge is indispensable to this, she says. “We do it together and that’s what makes the difference.” The next round of True Grit starts on Monday 19th September, and a team of volunteer mentors are ready to offer their support and guidance.
So, it seems magical things can happen when you shake up your world. You don’t need to move halfway around the planet to do it. But maybe it helps.
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