This week’s product showcase is Deiva Fragrance

“Deiva, where sensory experiences come to life, igniting emotions and elevating everyday space with a touch of luxury” — Eve Thantongdhamm, Deiva Founder

Deiva is a non-toxic home and car fragrance brand inspired by the rich heritage of Southeast Asian craftsmanship with a mission to offer customers a harmonious blend of luxury, sophistication, and conscious living. Our brand is dedicated to providing exceptional products and experiences that elevate everyday lives.

Experience the Deiva difference, where luxury home fragrance meets conscious living. Deiva’s exquisite scented sachets are crafted with care and inspired by the rich heritage of old-world Southeast Asian fragrance rituals. They feature therapeutic-grade perfume oils and are made of Turkish volcanic stone, a non-toxic blend of naturally occurring materials. Lava stones are known for their natural ability to absorb and gently diffuse fragrance oils, infusing small spaces with a slow release of scents over 8 to 10 weeks. Designed for use in small spaces such as wardrobes, bathrooms, bags, luggages, drawers, cabinets, and cars. Deiva prioritizes the well-being of your loved ones, consciously crafting each sachet with kid and pet-friendly materials, ensuring a worry-free fragrance experience.

Image: The Classic Collection: Each fragrance is a tribute to the rich heritage and natural allure of Southeast Asia. Our scents encapsulate stories of tradition, elegance, and the art of fine living.

Available online at starting at $45

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