“I keep an open phone line just to hear him breathe”, so said Ally McBeal, referring to that waiting-by-the-phone syndrome that people have just after a breakup. But is another phone call going to make things right?

Next to the question about which comes first, the chicken or the egg, love and when to say it’s over is probably the most contested argument of all. Men and women alike have been faced with the worry of knowing when to call it quits. For some, a relationship isn’t really over if neither one of you said so. But sometimes people feel that it’s easier to throw signs and save face.

When your relationship is on the rocks, you feel that every sad song was meant for you. Instead of feeling depressed over it, be consoled by the fact that a lot others are going through the same thing as you. You may be experiencing different breakup scenarios but just the same – they’re not happy situations at all.

Some partners spell out O-V-E-R in bold letters. And if you still don’t get it, I don’t know what else will convince you. Other partners give subtle hints. Less and less phone calls, lame excuses for absence, uncaring attitude, and unusual preoccupation. People who do not express their desire to end the relationship think that they are sparing you from pain. But in truth, those who are beating around the bush are making it more difficult for the other person to cope up with the situation.

Infidelity is a sensitive issue. For some, a third party is inevitable. However, others view it as an irreconcilable issue. The ones involved are often the very people who are indifferent to the signs of an impending doom. They hang on to whatever’s left of the relationship, ignoring the very obvious, until it hits them right in the face.

Unfortunately, deciding when a relationship is over does not depend on any specific criteria. Sadly, most goodbyes are bitter because each of the partners is unwilling to accept defeat. But then again, parting ways is never an easy thing.

Love is such a strong emotion that it often prevents us from seeing what we truly have. We think that love can spare us from hurt, failure, and isolation, when in fact, it can lead us to all that.

It is hard to give up on something and someone we care about. But if it would mean the happiness of the other, we should just learn to live with it. You may not feel very good about it right now, but that shall soon pass. Everything always does.

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