After 40, those little lines around your eyes expand to your mouth area.  At 50, there are dark spots at your temples and a red blotch on your cheek.  

Don’t get me started on 60 when bags appear under your eyes. I find those the most upsetting. What can you do? Boosters are the newest kid on the block.  The best thing is that they work with your current skin care.

You select the ideal booster to address your current issue. You want to attack those dark spots? Try a skin brightening booster. Those fine lines around your mouth making you frown? Your favorite beauty store has an anti-aging booster to reduce them.

Change your makeup. I know you love your current foundation and change is so hard. The good news is that many brands upgraded their foundations and color correcting creams to include more anti-aging ingredients.
Just ask or check your brand’s website. You may just need to change bottle colors. A little alteration may transform your skin. 

SPF or Sun Protection Factor is not just for the main areas of your face.  It’s now for your eyelids and lips. Every part of your face needs sun protection, as the sun is the ultimate wrinkle inducer.

Lip gloss and eye shadow are available with SPF ratings. As our climate heats, the risk of damage to unprotected skin increases. Remember, skin cancer can invade any part of your body. 

Niacinamide and fatty acids are not just good for your insides but your outsides, too. Niacinamide is a vitamin B3 derivative that reduces skin inflammation promoting a smooth, clear complexion. Fatty acids supplement the skin along with your entire body when they’re ingested. 

My favorite regular treat for my skin is a mask. Masks draw out impurities and improve skin texture. They need not be expensive to do the trick.  Masks make it easy to pamper yourself and your skin a couple times a week.

Masks are available for all skin types and can treat your specific issues. If you’re a DIY type, recipes to make your own flourish online. My current favorite is a black tea mask to reduce wrinkles and tighten my skin.

And those awful dark circles or puffiness under your eyes? I ordered some eye masks, and they worked wonderfully. Eye masks can be anything from a cream or an actual mask that covers your eye area.
Choose the one most comfortable and easy for you to use. That’s what I always do, for me it needs to be easy or it won’t get used. 

It’s a simple and relatively inexpensive endeavor to give your skin a bit of glow.  Keeping those wrinkles and dark spots at bay just requires a bit of research to discover the right product for your skin. Winter is upon us so keep your skin safe and not looking its age.  

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